Music X DAO


To give key stakeholders in local music ecosystems the power,

funding and tools to make the things they want to happen happen. 

To support and to fund the success of existing and aspiring providers of

products, services and insights that are of value to local music ecosystems. 

Serving these purposes is designed to optimise the health of local music ecosystems. 

If the health of a local music ecosystem is optimised then music

will play as large a role as possible in the lives of the people in that community.


Which would mean all kids getting the chance to develop the musician in them. A vibrant, highly attended live music scene. More artists having more success. Improvements in the quality of life for all involved in the music ecosystem. And the realisation of music's potential to support physical and mental health, to attract businesses, staff and tourists, to connect people in the present and to bring our past to life. 

Community token = "Notes"

Proposed structure