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Network owned, funded and approved
products & services 

Owned, funded and approved?

Please see the UK Music Network and Central Fund section for examples of products and services the network will own, fund and approve. 

Products and services that serve the purpose 

If a product or service is made available to network members (whether owned, funded or approved) it means it has met this criterion:  

  • It serve the purpose. That is, it has been agreed that the product or service will help optimise the health of local music ecosystems

The UK Music Network will work to ensure that as many products and services as possible also meet these criteria: 

  • They will create revenues for the central & local funds 

  • They will offer preferential product and service costs / benefits to network members 

  • They will share useful data with the organisation 



Network members have an incentive to choose these products and services

Doing so will increase revenues for the funds. 


Dividing revenues between the UK Network Central Fund and local music network funds 

If, for example, a ticket gets sold using Music X’s ticketing solution, the profits from the booking fee will be split between the central fund and the local network fund for the location in which the ticket was sold. Current thinking is that the division will be 25% central / 75% local. 

Similar agreements on division of revenues will be made across all sources. 

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