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Local music
networks and funds

Establishing local music networks

Local network leaders

The pathway to establishing a local music network in a UK county starts with finding willing and capable local music network leaders. 

Many counties already have leaders running music networks. In such cases they will be given the option of taking their network forward with Music X. 


Research has shown that finding new, willing network leaders will not be a challenge. Potential candidates will be asked to complete a network leadership assessment. 

Training local network leaders 

Approved local network leaders will be given training in how to launch and evolve valuable and engaging networks. They will also be connected with members in other local networks who have already established networks.

​Rewarding local network leaders 

Processes will be developed for recording and recognising input. Reward will come in the form of: 

  • Payment

  • Shares in the central fund 

  • Perks such as tickets to gigs 


There's is also an assumption that network leaders will find their own reward. That any such leader will be motivated by a belief in the potential of building a network / community around something they have a passion for. It is also likely that many will see potential reward in opportunities that being a network leader will open up.

Local music networks will share some elements with the UK Music Network

The establishment process for the UK Music Network will seek to identify elements that will be common to all local networks. For example:

  • The stated purpose 

  • Elements of the proposal submission, review and approval process

  • Certain technology 

Local music networks will share some elements with each other 

There will be some elements shared by all local networks and some shared by subsets of local networks. Examples could include: ​​

  • Recruitment, assessment and training processes for network leaders

  • Methods for including local councils in the network

  • Certain technology 

The Music X platform will be set up such that local networks can learn from each other. 

Some elements will be specific to a local music network  

The processes for establishing and evolving local networks will be designed to identify and solve for specific local needs.


As well as  the “network for all” within a given locality, there will also be subnetworks that meet the needs of subgroups. For example: a subnetwork for artists, a subnetwork for venues and promoters or a subnetwork for those involved in music and education.


Each subnetwork will require a trained network leader or leaders to launch and evolve it.

Network tech

The first phase of development of both the UK and local networks will use existing technology. Decisions on tech solutions will emerge from the network development planning process. 


If over time tech is identified that it makes sense for the network to build and own, it will be built. 


How local music network funds get income  

Funding from central

Upon reaching certain milestones with regard to network development, funds will be released from the central to the local fund. For example, the first milestone will be evidence that they have created an engaged local music network and have members ready to submit proposals for financial support.

Many income sources will mirror those of the Central Fund

Please see the UK Music Network and Central Fund page for more detail on each of the below sources that will also operate at a local level: 

  • Network owned products and services 

  • Government

  • The honour pledge 

  • Sponsorship 


UK Music Network funded and approved products and services 

Funded and approved products and services will be promoted to local network members. The more that use them the more money there will be in their local fund. 

Proposals funded by their local fund

Any projects funded by the local music network fund for which a clear ROI can be determined will include agreements for returns to the fund. 

Businesses who benefit if the local music ecosystems thrives

Music X will develop presentations that make a clear, evidence based case for how investment in local music ecosystems drives economic growth and helps to attract and retain staff. These presentations will be put in the hands of local music network members to take to local businesses. Businesses will be given the opportunity to set up a monthly subscription to the fund and to be recognised as a "Supporter". As local network data, analytics and insights capacity grows, more and more detailed reporting on ROI to businesses will become possible. 

Local and famous

Each local music network will be encouraged to run the following event every few years. 

Ask famous / well known musicians that were born in / live in the given county to perform at an event to support the local music network fund. Performers would be requested to waive their fees. All event profits would go into the local fund. 


Fund spend 


The local network fund proposals section covers the types of projects that would be looking for funding. 

Network operations 

Governance, reviewing and approving proposals, oversight of funded / approved proposals, technology, network leader training and support, network member support, advisory, events and more.


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