Proposals are the engines that drive DAO development. As such, creating appealing and supportive submission processes and clear and respected approval and feedback processes will be of paramount importance.  

We envisage the following groups of commercial proposals: 

  1. Established. Existing ventures with proposals for projects that wish to leverage DAO assets.  For example, a drinks company wants to run a new product promo night at DAO member venues. An agreement is reached for all sales from the night to go into the trust. 

  2. Early stage ventures. For example, a service that offers Air BnB for creative spaces in London wants financial and network support for rolling out their service in new locations. ROI terms for the trust and sharing of bookings data are agreed. 

  3. Embryonic. For example, a startup seeking funding and support to prototype their solution for improving the infrastructure that supports performances in public spaces. ROI terms for the trust and sharing of performance and engagement data agreed.  

We also envisage non-commercial proposals from academics or researchers. For example, a PhD student studying the outcomes of including live music in social prescription programmes.