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Music X

An organisation for people who want to see music

play as large a role as possible in the life of their community



To optimise the health of local music ecosystems.

If the health of a local music ecosystem is optimised then music will play as large a role as possible in the lives of the people in that community.


Which would mean all kids getting the chance to develop the musician in them. A vibrant, highly attended live music scene. More artists having more success. Improvements in the quality of life for all involved in the music ecosystem. And the realisation of music's potential to support physical and mental health, to help businesses attract and retain staff, to encourage tourism, to connect people in the present and to bring our past to life. 


1. Create a local music network for every county in the UK. Each network will help its members to connect in useful ways. Each network will give members access to valuable resources such as knowledge, training, products and services.

2. Reward network members who contribute most and best.

3. Each network will have access to a fund that is continually being filled with more money. Members will be able to present proposals to the fund for financial support. The application process will be made as straightforward as possible. Network members will decide which proposals get funded.

​4. Support and fund the success of existing and aspiring providers of products, services and insights that are of value to local music ecosystems. 


Organisation design

Central proposals
Central trust

UK Music Network
& Central Fund


Products and services

Network owned, funded and approved
products and services

that all return a % of revenues / profit

to central and local funds


Local trust
Local proposals


Local music network and fund


Local music network and fund


Local music network and fund




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