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Winners of a competition for game-changing ideas in the music industry

Arts Award Winners

Innovation Award


Shortlisted for a London Innovator of the Year Award



Raju Watts, former CFO, Minsitry of Sound 

"Ministry of Sound are buzzing on the potential of Eventbox."

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Mark Wainwright, Director Barbican Arts Group Trust

"Eventbox is poised to trigger a renaissance of the contemporary music scene.”

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Editor of popular grime magazine GRM Daily



Buckinghamshire is going to be one of two counties in which we initially launch. Music venues and promoters are excited about what Eventbox will mean for them. 


The Drawing Room


Operating under the hashtag #HomeToEmergingStars and hosting a wide variety of acts spanning electronica, rock, ambient, pop, soul, blues and folk. 

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Thoughts on Eventbox 

"Eventbox is exactly what is needed to bring a cohesion to what is a tough business to survive within. Operating an independent ‘grass-roots’ music venue is one of the most difficult and lonely business arenas.  Social media creates so much (electronic) noise and grabbing the attention of the public is all the more difficult as a result. Having a central collation point with all the frills Eventbox has developed will be a fabulous platform for both the consumer (public) and places like The Drawingroom. So, whoever you are, if in the music domain get involved."  

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Chesham Folk Club


Has been going 40 years. Distinguished guests have included Paul Simon. 

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Thoughts on Eventbox 

"I can see huge benefits for our folk club in joining the Eventbox network, and being able to increase the reach and strength of our marketing, both to potential audience and potential performers. Could be a real force multiplier."

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The Swan


Bringing punk, ska, electronica, alt pop and more to Bucks. 

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Thoughts on Eventbox 

"Superb. What a splendid concept"