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The Music Event Toolkit
makes music event publishing easy

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The Music Event Toolkit makes it easy for music event organisers to quickly create and publish great looking, great sounding promotion for ticketed music events

When creating an event, simply search then select an act to add them to the line-up, import audio samples for them, add a high quality image and import their bio

See what your online event promotion will look like as you create it

Easily add ticketing options: seated, different ticket types, different prices for different customer groups

Publishing the event sends it to your website and creates an event page you can link to

Bring the What's On section of your website to life


When you publish an event from the Music Event Toolkit it is sent to Eventbox powered, tailored listings that sit inside the What's On section of your site 

The listings create a great customer experience by allowing visitors to browse all upcoming event info on a single page, including the option of listening to line-ups to help them decide which events they want to go to

An engaging event page that you and others can link to

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Publishing an event from the Music Event Toolkit also creates a stand alone event page, providing a unique online location that you, the acts and visitors can share a link to 

Visitors can quickly and easily buy tickets 

And visitors who don't know the acts on a line-up can listen to help them decide if they want to go


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