Products, services and insights

Approved proposals from organisations / projects would return, as relevant and agreed on a case by case basis, % of revenues / profits and data share into central and local trusts. 



Approved established providers would be presented to members as "Supporters of Music X". 


​The assumption being that if evidence can be presented that the funds grow their market and that members look favourably on supporters then it would be in their best interest to sign up. Once a few have done so then there is a good chance it could snowball.


Being established would likely limit the degree to which such partners could integrate with the trust from the POV of data, code and IP. 


​Examples of existing providers include:

  • Drinks

  • Payment processing

  • Ticketing

  • Sound and lighting

  • Recording and rehearsal spaces


Early stage


Likely to be seeking a mix of funding and network support to grow their venture. 


Being early stage may provide opportunities to integrate with the trust from the POV of data, code and IP. 






Likely to be seeking funding and network support to develop proof of concept, initial traction / validation. 

These ventures would have the greatest chance to consider high levels of integration with the trust from the POV of data, code and IP. 


The nature of the grouping makes giving examples difficult. 


Academic / research 

The likely scenario is that costs would be covered in return for sharing the results of their work with the community. 


A special note about Eventbox 


They are behind this proposal. 


They are building a product called the Music Event Toolkit. The product makes it easy for music event organisers to create amazing event promotion and ticketing in as little time as possible.

They are also building a comprehensive live music discovery app. The vision being to create one service that enables people to discover any live music anywhere from cradle to grave.

They wish to propose the following: 

  • The codebase for the products become the property of the DAO 

  • 90% of profits go into the local and central trust funds 


Why? The intention is to incentivise DAO members to evolve and scale the products. To make them the killer products for music event creation, promotion and discovery. Knowing that the greater the adoption, the greater the funds raised. 


Local, national and global ecosystem dashboards 


There is an additional intention behind Eventbox's strategy. High levels of adoption of the products would create rich local music ecosystem data. That data, alongside all other pooled DAO data, would power local, national and global dashboards that give insight into the state of music ecosystems. Thereby enabling data-driven decision making and enabling the measurement of the impact of policies, strategies, products and services.