to local DAOs

As mentioned with regard to the main DAO, proposals are the engines that drive DAO development. As such, creating appealing and supportive submission processes and clear and respected approval and feedback processes will be of paramount importance. 


Proposals can be submitted by any music ecosystem member. A great delight will be seeing what people come up with. 


Whilst the assumption is to support people’s inventiveness for whatever they come up with, the DAO would look to introduce information designed to inspire and support proposal submission:

  • A music ecosystem proposals & projects database

  • A dashboard that leverages available data to give insight into the state of their local music ecosystem and allows them to measure the impact of approved proposals 

  • Sharing research. For example, Sound Diplomacy surveys of music ecosystems  consistently revealed that stakeholders thought the actions that would have the greatest impact would be support for local venues, creating local music networks / hubs and grants for artists