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Exactly how we promote your venue is a work in progress. One want to complete in partnership with you


So we look forward to getting your thoughts on the proposed features on this page, along with any other thoughts on what you would like us to

build for you

Eventbox 2021-02.png

Event discovery

On our app, visitors to your venue profile can listen to samples for acts, search events by name, genre or date, get full event info, favourite events and buy tickets

If they "Follow" you

Your events will be featured

more prominently

If they tap "Become a member"

They will see a potential members greeting message, benefits of becoming a member and any costs. They can use the app to sign up. Members will automatically

become followers

Explore 2.png
Eventbox 2021-03.png
Eventbox 2021-04.png

When looking for

live music events to go to

Your followers will see your events before others

Personalised listings

Your followers will see your events featured in their personalised listings


They will also get notifications about your events

Membership 2.0

In time we are thinking to evolve membership to include offering promotions for things like food and drink. More than that, we would like to hear how you think we could best make it work for you

Membership 1.0

Of all the features, this is the least developed. Below is version 1.0 of how we imagine your controls for membership could work. We are itching to get your thoughts!

Web-Browser 4.png

If you already have a membership scheme, to onboard existing members click here


What benefits do members get?

Approve sign ups

Give members options to sign up to your mailing list

Only allow members to see your events on Eventbox 

Once your scheme is live...

Membership insights 

Top members


Intro message to potential members

Create your membership scheme 

Additional options

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