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Eventbox (click here for our website) wants to support the long term health of Buckinghamshire's live music ecosystem. First and foremost because we love live music and the magic it brings to people’s lives. Secondly because we know the power it has to create vibrant places that people want to live in, work in and visit. 

"For every £10 spent on concert tickets in small-to-medium sized venues, a further £17 is spent nearby."

London venues rescue plan 

Bucks live music findings (so far)

47 music venues

260 upcoming music events 

2 festivals 

Venues' collective social media reach: 130,000 

Genres: rock, pop,

ska, punk, electronica, folk, blues, soul

"The total number of music tourists from the UK and abroad increased by 20% in 2016 to 12.5m, of which 11.6m were UK citizens visiting live music events in other parts of the UK."

UK Music, Wish You Were Here Report 2017

But critical infrastructure is missing 

Unfortunately the infrastructure that connects Bucks music events with potential audiences is poor. 

Information for what's happening is incredibly fragmented and siloed: click here for a list of siloed music event listings for Bucks. And unless you know the event or the artists performing, it's not easy to know if you'll like the music. All this means it's hard for residents and visitors to discover the live music events happening in Bucks. 

Eventbox provides the digital infrastructure that solves these problems. 

Automatically and at no cost, we will bring all music event listings for Bucks onto our platform. We then use algorithms and artificial intelligence to add music samples, images and genre tags for the acts performing before putting the events live on our award winning app.


The result is that local residents and visitors have a single, engaging and easy way to discover live music events they want to go to. 

On top of that our service automatically helps local talent be discovered by the music industry. We also make it easier for acts to discover the right venues in Bucks to play in. And we can provide unparalleled data and insight into the workings of the music ecosystem, thereby supporting making effective changes and measuring impact. 

"To bring the greatest benefit, music must be assessed, managed and evaluated like all other forms of infrastructure.


Think of music like you do your schools, hospitals and roads. 

If a sector has the infrastructure they need, they succeed." 


Sound Diplomacy Music Cities Guide

The below video showcases the app and website we had live in 2016*. It also details some of the ways we will further develop the service. 

*Our service was "parked" late 2016 for reasons explained in the "About" section of our site". 

Our solutions align with Buckinghamshire Cultural Strategy priority actions to:

  • Pioneer coordinated approaches which reach and engage audiences

  • Establish Buckinghamshire as the most accessible county for cultural participation

Bucks live music wants Eventbox 


The Drawing Room


Operating under the hashtag #HomeToEmergingStars and hosting a wide variety of acts spanning electronica, rock, ambient, pop, soul, blues and folk. 

Click here to see their listings

Thoughts on Eventbox 

"Eventbox is exactly what is needed to bring a cohesion to what is a tough business to survive within. Operating an independent ‘grass-roots’ music venue is one of the most difficult and lonely business arenas.  Social media creates so much (electronic) noise and grabbing the attention of the public is all the more difficult as a result. Having a central collation point with all the frills Eventbox has developed will be a fabulous platform for both the consumer (public) and places like The Drawingroom. So, whoever you are, if in the music domain get involved."  

chesham folk club.jpg

Chesham Folk Club


Has been going 40 years. Distinguished guests have included Paul Simon. 

Click here to see their listings

Thoughts on Eventbox 

"I can see huge benefits for our folk club in joining the Eventbox network, and being able to increase the reach and strength of our marketing, both to potential audience and potential performers. Could be a real force multiplier."

white sawn.jpg

The Swan


Bringing punk, ska, electronica, alt pop and more to Bucks. 

Click here to see their listings

Thoughts on Eventbox 

"Superb. What a splendid concept"

Further support for the music ecosystem

Eventbox will also:

  • Work closely with venues and promoters to build additional digital infrastructure that saves them time and makes their ventures more profitable. 

  • Help the Bucks music ecosystem to network and to evolve their inclusion within the strategies of relevant local organisations. 

  • Build ties between the music ecosystem and relevant organisations with which we are connected such as the Association of Independent Musicians, Attitude is Everything (improving live music for the disabled), the Music Managers Forum, the Association of Independent Promoters and the Music Venues Trust. 

  • Share relevant information such as:

attitude is everything .jpg

Guide for making gigs more accessible for deaf and disabled people 

Click here to view


The Music Venues Trust guide to running a grassroots live music venues

Click here to view


Sound Diplomacy's guide to building music ecosystems

Click here to view


Arts Council England's £1.5M fund for supporting grassroots live music

Click here to view

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